Tokyo based brand since 2017.

Designed from the inspiration of traditional Japanese wear in minimal fashion.

KAYKO (pronouced ka̠-i-ko) stands for its Japanese meaning of “silk”, as well as a combination word of the designer Kayo Sugiuchi & her mother’s name Keiko to pay tribute to our ancestors & blood.


“KAYKO started as my project to express my cultural background as Japanese, and to learn and pay respect to many of ancestors that lived and cultivated their life as artisans and craftsmen. 
The name KAYKO is a mix name of my name KAYO and my mother’s name KEIKO, she studied fashion at young ages in VOGUE school of fashion Chicago and sew our family clothes herself.   She was taught by her mother, who sew away family clothes for the family herself too.   My great-grandfather was a maker of Shamisen, a traditional Japanese musical instrument.  Other a production owner of glass blowing factory.  Other a worker at hat maker, and many more.
KAYKO also has another meaning as “silkworm” in Japanese.  Through this project I’d like to explore the silk production that flourished in Japan, and textiles and productions that is specially ‘made in Japan’ as well as the productions around the world as a bridge of culture between Japan and elsewhere.
I believe ‘life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them’.  I have been fortunate to discover and meet the manufacturers and artisans who heritaged their platform from their ancestors as well, friends I share same aspect along this journey, and through that I’d like to leave my traces by producing and creating the arts in form of clothing, together with them introducing the textiles and productions that sparks, or just creating fashion that are simply beautiful, to enhance somebody’s life, and share the gift of nature and beauty of this earth.  Let’s start celebrating.”


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