KAYKO started as my project to express my cultural background as a Japanese, and to pay respect to my ancestors who lived and cultivated their life as artisans, creators, and craftsmen.  I constantly feel their skills remain in my blood as I live each day, naturally being able to draw, sew, craft and design.

The name KAYKO is a mix of my name KAYO and my mother’s name KEIKO, as I remember she sew her own & family clothes in her young ages after studying fashion in Chicago.  Her quest remains in me as one of my purpose to pursue this brand as well.

KAYKO also has another meaning as “silkworm” in Japanese.  Through this project I like to explore the textiles and productions that is specially “made in Japan”.

I like to thank you all for visiting KAYKO website :

through this brand I hope to collaborate with you and those I still haven’t met, to work together to create something interesting or eye-catching, or just simply beautiful, as I believe “life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them”.